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03 December 2006 @ 03:45 pm
mouse alert!  
we have a mouse in our flat. our cat cased it into our flat during one of her expeditions into the stairwell several days ago. the good thing is we have a cat to catch the mouse - bad thing is the cat can catch the mouse but she has no idea what to do with it. She thinks little mouse guy (by the way is name is Rudi "squeakers" mouse) is her new best friend and she really likes to play with him. i somehow don't think that the mouse shares this opinion. Especially as it is by now well acquainted with the inside of our cat's mouth. Thing is our cat has never seen a mouse before and has never learned what to do with it so she doesn't know how to kill it. squeakers on the other hand is very well aware of reality that mice and cat's normally don't get along very well so he tries to run and hide at every possibility. He actually developed quite a personality as a fearless mouse we considered naming him Rudi Bond as James Bond seems to be the theme of this week. But Rudi Bond sounds, as my flat mate pointed out like James Bond's retarded half brother and if anything squeakers is not retarded, fearless yes, to the point it's stupid even. Last night my flatmate was woken up by them playing (the cat and squeakers). Well the cat was playing with the mouse, squeakers was scared shit less. She managed to catch the mouse and put squeakers in a box with air holes to keep him save so we could get him out of our flat and into a park or something today in the morning. But squeakers is quite inventive. He escaped though one of the air holes in the box and when my flatmate opened the cupboard where she put the box so the cat wouldn't get it squeakers jumped out of the shelf in a totally james bond/matrix/mission impossible kinda way and blurred under the wall unit where he is currently hiding. We renamed him after that he is now Rudi "squeakers kamikaze" mouse. Our cat loves him. She hasn't been so well adjusted in a long time. She will miss him when he is gone. If we ever manage to catch him again and he does not escape again. :)
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