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27 April 2007 @ 12:04 am
okay so apparently last night when one of my flatmates came home our cat found the courage to venture into the stairwell again (she was a little timid during the last weeks, we did, by accident look her out and she was all alone in the dark cold stairwell for a couple of hours - she was not happy) anyway, she ran out again and, as the experienced hunter she is caught a mouse in under 5 minutes and cased it (again) into our flat. the mouse tried to hide under my others flatmate bed (the room is accessible through a cat door) who was soundly asleep. our cat that still doesn't know what to do with a mouse beside play with it did just that and woke up my flatmate. she is by now an experienced mouse catcher and pried the mouse out of sasha's (the cat) mouth and set it free in the hallway again. sasha was a very unhappy kitty after wards. still she had her fun and spent the rest of the following day sleeping in the sun (i want to be a cat in my next live)

we seem to get quite experienced at the whole mouse and cat thing - nothing too exiting - just the same old or was it because this mouse didn't have squeakers formidable courage and character?

i just noticed that i'm quite fond of the word experienced tonight ;) - i will have to think about that.
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