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26 June 2007 @ 06:55 pm
I'm starting to count the days till I go to Madrid. My flight leaves from Venice on the 4th of September so there is still some time but considering that I will be gone till February I'm starting to get very exited and anxious. One second I can't wait for September to come and the next I'm deadly scared of how it will be - I have been told that this is absolutely normal. so far everything is going as planed: for now I managed to finish all the bureaucratic stuff (have you ever seen Asterix conquers Rome when they have to go into the house that makes you crazy to get form A38 - that's how I felt) last week a found a nice girl who is going to live in my room in Vienna during the time I'm gone, I have booked my flight and handed in my learning agreement to UAM. For now this is all I can do. Some incomings from Madrid told us that you better go to Madrid and look for a flat there, if you do it over the internet you might end up with 5m² without a window. They also told us that it's going to be a lot harder for us there than it was for them here. In Vienna exchange students are treated with white gloves - everything is organised for them and even all the classes are in English (one of the guys I spoke to is in Vienna for a year and is not able to speak a proper sentence in German). Not so in Madrid - all the classes are in Spanish (I have no problem with that I'm going there to improve my Spanish), there are no books or handouts for the lectures (I have no idea how I will be able to take notes guess I will be making fast friends with the people in my classes and borrow there notes) and every professor treats you just as he/she would do with a regular student. Does sound kinda ruff - therefore the incomings did tell us which courses are the easy ones and which we shouldn't take. so now I signed up for things like ingés aplicado para la empresa and stuff like that *gg* not very challenging but I'm not going there to work my ass of for some courses that I won't be able to transfer onto my Austrian University. Anyway now I'm again really exited and can't wait to go.....
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